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Only our Plastic Folding Chairs have 6 Rivets.

Call for Folding Chair References in Your Area. Super Strong Seam-welded 18 Gauge " Tubular Steel frame Chair Size: Height: 31 1/2" - Wide: 17 1/4" - Seat Height 17 3/4" 


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Our LC99 stacking folding plastic chairs have specially contoured seats and backs making them the most comfortable and stacking chairs on the market today.

When folded our lightweight stacking  folding chairs are easy to store and move. Our folding chairs interlock, allowing you to stack up to 70 chairs. When folded the LC99 measurers 3/16" x 38 ": Stacking Chairs are stackable with all major plastic folding chairs brands.

  • Baked on powder enamel with Ultraviolet additives for super protection. Stacking Folding Chairs.

  • Special plastic tips that are pressed on and guaranteed 

  • Tubular steel frame constructed of tempered steel and guaranteed.

  • Feet are Non-marring, replaceable, high-density polyethylene color blended.



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