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Steel Core Chiavari Chairs - Free Cushion - One Piece Molded Frame for Extra Strength
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GOLD Resin Chair

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WHITE  Resin Chair

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CRYSTAL Resin Chair

WHITE Resin Chair

Stainless Steel Frame for Extra Strength. Our Resin Chiavari Chair combines classic elegance with unexpected durability. Chiavari Resin chairs are available in Gold, Silver, White, Clear, Mahogany and Black Resin.
All components treated with non-stick, anti-static compound. Rigid construction, reinforced by stainless steel hardware, provide more comfort and safety. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor events,

White - Black - Gold -  Crystal - Mahogany - Silver

Resin Steel Core Chiavari Chair
# 795 - Add $ 2.00 per Chair for
the "Ice Clear"

Cushion Prices
    # 800

Our Resin Steel Core Chivari Chairs are Manufactured with the finest detail.

resin chiavari chairs

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Quantity Price Each
12-39 $ 44.00
40-300 $ 39.00
Call  Laura for Quotes Above 300  Resin Chiavari's
Specifications: Seat width 16.25" Seat depth 16" Seat height 17.25" Overall height 36"
Quantity Ea
12-400 $ FREE

White, Ivory, Black,-
Size: 16" x 16" x 2"

Direct Sales:
Foldng Resin Chair, Wedding Chairs, White Resin Chair, Stacking Resin Chair    
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800-707-1263 ask for Sonia or Dan
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. No Maintenance - Always Looks New  Great for indoor and outdoor events.


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