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Chiavari Chairs are made with Hard Wood Construction, Glue and Nail Joints on our Ballroom Chairs, Metal Braces Under Seat,  Solid Super Strong Beachwood,

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Chiavari Chairs have 3-Paint Coats and Solid Seat. Our Wood Ballroom
Chairs have Special  Super Comfort Back Rest, References Ballroom

               White           Black               Natural             Silver                Gold                  Mahogany       Fruitwood 
Customers: Four Seasons, Rio Hotel , Beverly Hills Hotel, W Hotels, St Regis, Disney Hotels,  NCAA. Texas Rangers Baseball, ,      

FOB: Los Angeles,
Miami, New Jersey
Chiavari Chairs
# 770 Chiavari Chair Prices
Our Chiavari Chairs are Manufactured with the finest detail. We are proud of our chairs and references are available in your area, please call us.

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Quantity Price Each
20-49 $ 35.00
50-300 $ 34.75
Call Dana for Quotes Above 300 Chairs

Chaivari Chairs

  Ballroom Chairs Stack 9-12 High

Chiavari Chair Cushions
White, Ivory, Black

Replaceable Cushion Foam and Covers Available.
16" x 16" x 1 1/2"
Weight: 1 pd. each
Cushions available either Velcro or Standard Ties

   # 800 Cushion 
Quantity Price
20-450  $ 2.00

If purchased without ballroom chairs add
$ 3.00 per cushion.

Prices, Delivery, Quotes Call
 800-707-1263 ask for Stephanie
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Los Angeles, Ca, Miami, Florida, Dallas, Texas, Palm Beach, Florida, New York City, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, Ill




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