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We offer the Lowest Prices on Folding Chairs and Tables since 2002 to the Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Restaurants, Party Rents Companies, U.S. Military, State and Local Governments, Churches, Schools and Wedding Facilities.

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                 since 2002
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Folding Chairs and Tables, Direct - Company Information
Established 2001

Our product line consists of Chiavari Chairs, Folding Chairs, Folding Tables, Outdoor Heaters, Banquet Chairs, Stacking Chairs and Carts for all our products. Since we are Factory Direct we can offer our Customers the Lowest Prices - Guaranteed.  We will always to our best to meet your deadlines in a timely manner. 

We have warehouses in Miami, FL, Downey, CA, Memphis, TN and Fort Lee, NJ. Our customer service department can give you a instant freight quote on any of our items. Call us for References in your area.

We have been closed as a Preferred Suppliers to the the US Military - Navy - Army -Marines and Air Force since 2005.

Feel free to call  our Customer Service Department with any question regarding our products                                                                 


Hospitality Furniture, Hotel Chairs and Tables, Convention Center Furniture.
Discount Prices for Folding Chairs and Folding Tables. We ship from Los Angeles, CA. Fort Lee, N.J. Miami, Fl, Pittsburg, PA, Chicago, Ill, .Dallas, Texas - Call for the Lowest Prices on your Party Equipment need

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